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Leadership Spotlight:

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    Get to Know Corey Through Our Quick Interview

    Our current owner, Corey Cress, joined the company in 2015 and began a gradual transition into ownership before implementing a second line of truck flatbeds, our South Fork Dump Flatbeds, and officially rebranding to C5 Manufacturing in 2017. Because of his continuous dedication to our company, today, C5 Manufacturing offers three lines of products for the farming, ranching, landscaping and construction industries, with dealers located across the country. Learn more about Corey and his plans for the future of C5 Manufacturing!

In His Words

  • What made you want to become involved with C5 Manufacturing?

    I joined C5 Manufacturing in 2015 and began transitioning to ownership once I felt I was ready to do something different than teaching.

  • What did you do before owning C5 Manufacturing?

    Before becoming the owner of C5 Manufacturing, I worked as a middle school math teacher for 15 years. I have also farmed my entire life outside Kingman, Kansas, in a small area known as Spivey.

  • What do you most appreciate about your work team?

    We’ve got great people who believe in what we’re doing at C5 Manufacturing. They all work extremely hard, and we appreciate the time and effort they put in, especially in these unprecedented times.

  • What’s your favorite thing about C5 Manufacturing?

    It never gets boring.

  • What is one long-term goal you have for the future of the company?

    A long-term goal of mine would be to continuously diversify our product line. It is exciting to meet the needs of various customers we encounter throughout the United States.

  • What is your favorite memory from working at C5 Manufacturing?

    I love helping customers fix their beds when they need help. From weekends to holidays, we answer the phone because, being farmers ourselves, we understand the necessity of getting farm work done.

  • What is your favorite product?

    Our next one! But out of our current product lines, there’s no match for the Chisholm Trail Bale Bed because of its unique dump feature and independent arm action. Nothing on the market can compare to it, so that makes it a fan favorite for sure!

  • What do you like to do in your free time?

    I’m a girl dad and love my babies. I regularly follow Kansas State sports (Kansas State University Alum over here), and we also just started a bison herd—111 of them!

Ready to Order Your Truck Flatbed?

At C5 Manufacturing, all of our truck flatbeds are made and assembled in the heart of America. We look forward to getting started on your order!

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