Innovative Designs, Quality Workmanship, Competitive Prices

C5 Manufacturing is located in the heart of America in Kingman, Kansas. We manufacture three lines of products for the farming, ranching, landscaping and construction industries:


Chisholm Trail Bale Beds South Fork Dump Flatbeds Brown C5 Dirt Scrapers

Innovative Designs

From the very first bale bed we created that featured a unique independent arm action, the equipment we manufacture is innovative and designed with our customers in mind.

Quality Workmanship

All the equipment we manufacture is made, assembled and tested in the same facility to ensure the highest level of quality. Our employees have years of experience and dedication to our craft.

Competitive Prices

Since inception, our goal has been to create the best products, not the most. We’ve stayed true to our rural American roots, keeping our prices competitive.

“At C5, we don’t want to be the biggest company of our kind, we just want to be the best company of our kind. We strive to get better every day, and we feel like our quality is unmatched.” Corey Cress, C5 Manufacturing Owner

Our History

  • 1999

    The idea to create a bale bed with a dumping mechanism as well as an arm action was conceived and three days later a working model had been created.

  • 2000

    Small scale production began on the original owner’s farm. The first production bed is still in service today on a farm in Arlington, Kansas.

  • 2002

    The original owners purchased a plant in Kingman, Kansas, to start full production on the bale beds.

  • 2015

    • Another company was acquired and the production of the Brown C5 Manufacturing Dirt Scrapers began.
    • Corey Cress joined the company and began the transition into ownership.

  • 2016

    Production on a second line of beds, South Fork Dump Flatbeds, began.

  • 2017

    The company was renamed C5 Manufacturing.

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