Customers We Serve

Customers from farmers to construction workers utilize C5 Manufacturing equipment to lift, haul, dump and scrape.

  • Farmers

    Our bale beds are utilized by farmers throughout the U.S. who need to feed livestock and transport large rounds of hay.

  • Landscapers

    Landscapers have found our flatbeds perfect for hauling/ dumping debris and our dirt scrapers ideal for moving aggregates/ leveling ground.

  • Ranchers

    Our bale beds that have an arm function and unique dump bed feature are used by ranchers for feeding livestock and transporting hay.

  • Construction

    Construction companies utilize our flatbeds for hauling/ dumping debris and use our dirt scrapers to move any aggregate while leveling the ground.

What Customers Are Saying

“We bought one five years ago and liked it so well, we added another. The feature I like the most is the independent arm movement. We use it for so many different things— not just hauling bails; we use it out in the field. If a piece of equipment breaks, you can move one arm here to pick up that piece of equipment and line it up with the other part and weld it back together and do whatever you need to do.” Bernie, Customer
“If you're looking for a balebed, I’d use the Chisholm Trail Bale bed as the gold standard. Look at quality, durability, and functionality—the Holy Trinity of any tool. No corners were cut making this bed! From the incredibly stout construction to the unique dump bed feature, it is high-quality from start to finish. If you’re looking for a bale bed, I challenge you to look at what is on the market and judge them against the gold standard, which is the C5 Manufacturing Chisholm Trail Bale Bed.” Brady, Customer
“I use my bale bed to feed cows and I use it on weld jobs. We do portable welding and we’ll use the bale bed to lift whatever we need to lift. You get more for your money and the independent arm feature is more versatile. You can also dump and hook up to your trailers without having to operate your jack. We use it every day to lift whatever we need to lift and move whatever we need to move.” Jason, Customer
“This is the most versatile bed I’ve ever used from the independent arms to the dump feature. You will find more ways to use this bed than a pair of pliers. It’s built cowboy tough and buffalo proof, you sure won’t find a better bale bed on the market. I’ve had one for over 20 years and I just bought another one and have one more on order. By far the only bed I will ever use. And if that isn’t enough, Corey and Ann are the easiest people to get along with- if you need something special they’ll make it happen. They are great people to work with. They always go above and beyond for their customers.” Spencer, Customer
“The entire manufacturing process starts and stops in Kingman, Kansas. From the first weld to the last drop of paint, it all happens in Kingman.” Corey Cress, C5 Manufacturing Owner
“I use these bale beds on a day-to-day basis. Anything that you can pick up and haul with a bale bed, I use them for. In the ranching industry, there’s always a need for the dump bed in addition to the dump bed. I think it’s one of the top of the line bale beds made.” Kent, Customer
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Innovative Designs

From the very first bale bed we created that featured a unique independent arm action, the equipment we manufacture is innovative and designed with our customers in mind.

Quality Workmanship

All the equipment we manufacture is made, assembled and tested in the same facility to ensure the highest level of quality. Our employees have years of experience and dedication to our craft.

Competitive Prices

Since inception, our goal has been to create the best products, not the most. We’ve stayed true to our rural American roots, keeping our prices competitive.