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Whether you need to lift, haul, dump or scrape, C5 Manufacturing has ruggedly built and competitively priced products for farmers, ranchers, landscapers and the construction industry. All of our products are made, assembled and tested at our facility in Kingman, Kansas.

C5 Manufacturing Products

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  • Competitively Priced
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    NEW C5 Side Dump & Landscape Bed

    C5 is excited to introduce the Side Dump Landscape Bed. This bed offers three patent-pending features to make your lawn mowing and landscape jobs easier than ever. The unique front-mounted side dump allows mower operators to unload their clippings quickly and safely without any help. The tilting rear flatbed will haul up to three mowers. There is no more need to have a truck pulling a trailer, this new bed will do it all. You can expect an increase in production of 15-40% with this new bed from C5.

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  • C5 Rancher Bale Beds Hay Bale Beds For Sale Intro

    Rancher Bale Bed

    C5 Manufacturing is proud to introduce the Rancher Bale Bed. Farming and ranching are tough, and C5 Manufacturing understands that. The Rancher Bale Bed offers the same quality and rugged build as the Chisholm Trail Bale Beds, but at an affordable price. With synchronized arm action, this non-dumping bale bed will offer years of reliable service. A new power unit offers a 22 percent increase in speed.

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  • C5 Bale Beds Flat Beds Kansas Products Overview Chisholm Trail Bale Bed Image

    Chisholm Trail Bale Bed

    The Chisholm Trail Bale Bed has two features that no other bale bed has. First, all Chisholm Trail Bale Beds have independent arm control, a switch for both the left and right arm. This unique feature allows side-to-side shifting of a bale and the ability to rotate a bale on the ground for quicker loading. Secondly, Chisholm Trail Bale Beds can dump if equipped with that option. This turns your bale bed into a dump bed with a 6,000-pound dump capability. No other bale bed on the market offers either of these options, let alone both.

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  • C5 Bale Beds Flat Beds Kansas Products Overview South Fork Dump Flatbeds Image

    South Fork Dump Flatbeds

    Who wouldn’t want to turn their pickup into a dump truck? C5 Manufacturing is proud to offer South Fork Dump Flatbeds to customers in the lawn and landscape, light construction, agriculture and nursery industries. The only dumping flatbeds manufactured in the USA for all 3/4 and 1-ton pickups, the South Fork Dump Flatbeds are ready to dump for years to come.

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  • C5 Bale Beds Flat Beds Kansas Products Overview Brown C5 Manufacturing Dirt Scrapers Image

    Brown C5 Manufacturing Dirt Scrapers

    C5 Manufacturing offers the Flat Out Dirt Scrapers for tractors of any size (sizes range from 4’ to 16’)— big enough to get the job done and small enough to fit into tight areas. Learn more about the versions available as well as specific sizing details.

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