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Safety Features of Customized Bale Beds and Dumping Truck Flatbeds

  • Safety Features Of Truck Flatbeds

    Whether you need to lift, haul, or dump it, our C5 Manufacturing industry-leading bale beds and dumping truck flatbeds have you covered. From feeding livestock and transporting large, round bales of hay to moving dirt and other aggregate, our products have helped customers in the lawn and landscape, light construction, agriculture, and nursery industries complete jobs efficiently and cost-effectively. To ensure the safety of our loyal customers, each of our C5 Manufacturing products has built-in safety features designed to protect from potential working hazards. Check out our state-of-the-art safety features below!

Safety Features of C5 Manufacturing Products


Rancher Bale Bed (non- dumping) Chisholm Trail Bale Bed Southfork Dumping Flatbed
Easy access to mechanical parts through large access doors X X X
Safety stand 2’ x 1- ½’ x 1- ½’ x 11’ gauge steel X X
Highly visible warning and caution decals X X X
350 amp fuse and block attached to truck frame X X X
Heavy-duty bent tube headache rack X X X
Heavy-duty 2 – 5/16th 30,0000-pound rated hitch ball with a 1″ rise X X X
25’ tethered hand-held control pendant X X X
Ruggedly built all-steel construction X X
Grab handles on either side of the headache rack X X X
D-ring tie-downs X X X
Highly visible LED lighting system X X X

Rancher Bale Bed

At C5 Manufacturing, we created the Rancher Bale Bed in response to today’s agricultural economy demands. Built on the same principles of the legendary Chisholm Trail Bale Bed and adhering to the same strict build quality and materials, our Rancher Bale Bed utilizes some of the same safety features to keep customers protected while working. From easy access to mechanical parts through large access doors to highly visible warning and caution decals, this bed will give you all it has and more!

View Our Rancher Bale Bed

Chisholm Trail Bale Bed

Our Chisholm Trail Bale Bed is considered by many to be the ultimate bale bed because of its feature-rich design, ruggedly built components, ease of operation, and competitive pricing. This bale bed is a specialty after-market steel bed manufactured to fit all super duty pickup trucks, with the same hydraulic components operating both the arm function and the unique dump bed function. To keep customers safe while using the dumping function, this bed has an all-steel safety stand.

View Our Chisholm Trail Bale Bed

South Fork Dumping Flatbed

The South Fork Dumping Flatbed is the only dumping truck flatbed manufactured in the United States for all 3/4 and 1-ton pickups, helping customers across different industries complete jobs more efficiently and easier than ever before. At C5 Manufacturing, we have crafted various safety features to protect customers while turning their trucks into dump trucks. Some of these features include special heavy-duty bent tube headache racks, D-ring tie-downs, and highly visible warning and safety decals. Check out more features of our South Fork Dumping Flatbed today!

View Our South Fork Dumping Flatbed

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Our industry-leading C5 Manufacturing South Fork Dumping Truck Flatbeds are manufactured in the heart of America. We look forward to assisting you and getting started on your order!

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