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A Comparison of Pull Behind Dirt Scrapers

  • A Comparison Of Pull Behind Dirt Scrapers

    Are you looking for a product to move dirt and other aggregate while leveling the ground? At C5 Manufacturing, our pull behind dirt scrapers will help make any road, driveway, building site, or yard exactly as desired. We offer tractor pull behind scrapers for tractors of all sizes ranging from 4 feet to 16 feet that are big enough to get the job done and small enough to fit into tight areas. While each size dirt scraper comes equipped with unique features, some universal top-of-the-line features are included with each of our dirt scrapers. Learn more about these versatile features for all of our dirt scrapers below!

Features of C5 Manufacturing Pull Behind Dirt Scrapers


Mini Regular Husky Industrial
Made of steel and precisely cut for closer tolerances during production X X X X
High carbon steel grader blades X X X X
Curved, double beveled cutting edges to improve rolling action X X X X
Center punched bolt holes on 12-inch centers X X X X
Reversible double beveled cutting edge for increased lifespan X X X X
Two-year warranty X X X X

Choosing a C5 Manufacturing Pull Behind Dirt Scraper


Ruggedly built, our C5 Manufacturing tractor pull behind dirt scrapers are an essential tool for farmers, ranchers, landscapers, gardeners, and construction workers. You can move dirt, backfill holes, grade land, and spread oil quicker than ever before! Additionally, enjoy the easy ability to fix terraces, service corrals, maintain feedlots, and keep roads well-maintained by eliminating a washboard effect. Each of our dirt scrapers is guaranteed to make easy work of prepping any job site and will provide you flexibility through the toughest of conditions. To help decide which pull behind dirt scraper is the right fit for your tractor, check out the different sizing and design features below. For additional help with sizing a pull behind dirt scraper to match your tractor, contact our team at C5 Manufacturing for more details.


Mini Regular Husky Industrial
Designed for compact tractors X
18 inches tall X
Approximately 11-inch clearance in dump X
Designed for 45 -125 HP tractors X
24 inches tall X
Approximately 13-inch clearance in dump X
Designed for 65-150 HP tractors X
24 inches tall X
Approximately 15-inch clearance in dump X
30 inches tall X
Approximately 18-inch clearance in dump X

Ready to Order Your Pull Behind Dirt Scraper?

Our industry-leading C5 Manufacturing pull behind dirt scrapers are made and assembled in the heart of America. We look forward to getting started on your order!

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