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Dumping Truck Flatbeds Client Spotlight: Superior Landscape Management

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    Learn About Andy’s Experience

    Andy Saville is a direct client of C5 Manufacturing, the trusted provider of dumping truck flatbeds for individuals or companies in the lawn and landscape, light construction, agriculture, and nursery industries. Below, Andy details his experience with the C5 Manufacturing equipment and how it has helped improve his landscape company, Superior Landscape Management.

In His Words

  • What C5 Manufacturing equipment do you have?

    At our company, Superior Landscape Management, we often use the South Fork Dump Flatbed from C5 Manufacturing to assist our mowing division.

  • What dealer did you purchase your equipment from?

    We purchased our dumping truck flatbed from the owner of C5 Manufacturing, Corey Cress, out of Kingman, Kansas.

  • What are your favorite equipment features?

    At Superior Landscape Management, we have purchased three dumping truck flatbeds with removable sidewalls and load tarps to aid in our professional mowing division. Prior to purchasing our first custom bed, the owner of C5 Manufacturing, Corey Cress, met with us to determine what our vision was and which features we needed. His team did a great job building exactly what we needed to help us improve our current processes.

  • How long have you been using C5 Manufacturing equipment?

    We have been so impressed with the overall quality and performance of the truck flatbeds that we have been using them at our company for over three years now with no issues whatsoever.

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