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Customer Spotlight: Brady Haynes

  • Brady Haynes – Intro

    Customer Spotlight: Brady Haynes

    At C5 Manufacturing, a trusted provider of bale bed trucks for sale, every product we manufacture is innovative and designed with our customers in mind. Because of this, we value the feedback of each of our customers and work hard to ensure we keep our promise of creating the best products for the best prices. Brady Haynes, a C5 Manufacturing customer based in Eastern Colorado, was recently featured in a video by the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, highlighting workers with disabilities. As a paraplegic farmer, Brady utilizes our Chisholm Trail Bale Bed to get in and out of large agricultural machinery, like tractors and combines and attributes C5 Manufacturing to improving the functionality of his operation. Find out how the C5 Manufacturing Chisholm Trail Bale Bed has continued to help Brady below!

  • How did you hear about C5 Manufacturing?

    I actually knew about the Cannonball Bale Beds long before I was introduced to the Chisholm Trail Bale Beds. I had been around hydra-beds for a long time but never worked with one that had a dumping feature, which intrigued me. So, I got online and found the Chisholm Trail Bale Bed!

  • How does the Chisholm Trail Bale Bed adapt to your lift?

    I like how well-built the bale bed is and the dimensions of the actual flatbed portion. When designing my work pickup, I had to measure many different beds to find one that matched my lift dimensionally and geometrically. Also, the pinch point on the backend was wide enough to assist a side-by-side being loaded, which is huge.

  • What surprised you most about the bale bed’s functionality?

    The quality and ruggedness of the bed itself surprised me. It’s a substantial piece of equipment—if you break something on that bed, you can rest assured it wasn’t made to do that.

  • How has the bale bed made your day-to-day easier?

    The bed has made a huge impact. Not only can I haul and feed hay, but I can load and unload my side-by-side. I use the independently-controlled bale arms to lift all kinds of stuff on and off my pickup, from heavy parts and massive tires to using the arms as a portable cherry picker or gantry crane. It’s so amazingly versatile.

  • What challenges did you face before using the Chisholm Trail Bale Bed?

    Before I had the Chisholm Trail Bale Bed, I wasn’t functional. I couldn’t load anything that weighed over 100 pounds or move bales. I couldn’t even use a loader to move heavy materials because I didn’t have a flatbed that I could mount my man lift to. I purchased a dozen heifers three years ago to start my own herd and wouldn’t have been able to do so without my C5 Manufacturing bale bed.

  • Why would you recommend the C5 Chisholm Trail Bale Bed?

    If I could tell anyone what to look for in a bale bed, I’d use the Chisholm Trail Bale bed as the gold standard. Look at quality, durability, and functionality—the Holy Trinity of any tool. No corners were cut making this bed! From the incredibly stout construction to the unique dump bed feature, it is high-quality from start to finish. If you’re looking for a bale bed, I challenge you to look at what is on the market and judge them against the gold standard, which is the C5 Manufacturing Chisholm Trail Bale Bed.

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